How to Fix Your Soil

Forest Gardening is a fantastic way to cultivate a healthy, hands-off organic garden. In my newest YouTube video, I'll show you the first step in the "How to grow a vegetable garden" query with this video: How to fix your soil.

We can take all kinds of helpful cues from the forest on how to best manage our own gardens, big or small. From garden design and plant spacing to using wood chips, weeds, and composted material to build up your soil, if you pay attention, everything you need to know about your garden is all available in the forest. Learn to make your own compost tea, fertilizer, and soil amendments using free things readily available.

A take on the Back To Eden gardening method, this method uses wood mulch and all kinds of mycelium, microbial and helpful fungal growth to create vibrant, healthy soil and a self-watering, no-weed garden! We re-create the conditions on the forest floor by using wood chip mulch. As wood chips break down the add to and condition the soil, we top dress with composted animal manure and green waste, fertilize with home brewed compost tea, and grow delicious organic vegetables. What used to be bare dirt, our organic vegetable garden is now full of rich soil mulched heavily with free wood chips from local arborists.

Posted on June 2, 2019 .