Makita Battery Powered Vacuum


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My first order of business with this and every product review is a disclaimer: I am not a professional house cleaner.

While cleanliness and organization are extremely important to me, this year, working 18 hour days most of the time, I can barely keep my bed made and my laundry folded, much less keep the farm mess outside the house where it belongs. I track in woodchips and sawdust all day from the shop, the garden, and the barn (we are very fond of wood chips around here). Despite our valiantly half-hearted attempts to keep her off the furniture, Abbey Puppy has decided she is a cat, and frolics from couch to couch dropping little black hairs and farm dust everywhere she goes. There are kids around the farm all the time, they bring their own special tornadoes of filth along with them, and don’t even get me STARTED on what happens when Howdy comes inside the house. Needless to say, it’s tough to keep this place clean. Sweeping seems futile, and it always seems like so much work to find one of the only two plugs (SERIOUSLY, what was this home builder thinking?) in the main area of the house to plug in our little yellow vacuum to clean up.

This already feels like an infomercial (did you read that whole upper section in sepia tones?), but I cannot tell you how great it is to have a battery powered vacuum in the house. It hangs out in the kitchen and I grab it for a quick tidy several times a day. I’ll be honest and say I’d probably have pretty similar reactions of pure joy with any battery powered vacuum, BUT, the real appreciation for the Makita came for me after I’d gifted one to my dad for Father’s day.

To say my dad is a CleanFreak is a massive understatement. I kid you not, he vacuums his place on the couch before he sits on it. He’s probably had 10 battery powered vacuums over the last ten years, always the first to jump on any new design available, so I was very pleased to beat him to this punch, and even more pleased to hear his glowing review of my gift:

“Easy to use, lightweight and very flexible for tight spots and under hard-to-reach back walls. Perfect fit for gliding under furniture with an extension and reach to a back wall. Ample space for dirt and dust collection. Easy cleaning of the filter and dust bin. And enough battery to clean a 1200sq ft house with battery power to spare. Quick recharge time, and all in all, a great vacuum for your money that won’t clean out your wallet!”

As I mentioned, I use mine around the house on a daily basis. The fact that it has it’s own charger was a huge plus in that, because it’s a tad too light duty for the shop, but seeing as I’m running mostly Makita tools in my shop, I didn’t want to lose a charger out there for a household item. I love that I can use my other 18v Makita batteries in it and it’s super easy to clean out when the bin is full. It is light-duty as far as suction and bin go, but that hasn’t been an issue in using it around the house because it’s so easy to use I find myself using it so frequently that there isn’t any buildup that would require a heavier duty machine. It sweeps the wood floors great, navigates well under and around furniture, and then I can easily pull off the floor attachment and use it to get all the dog hair and dust off the couches. Since I’m in charge of running the farm and my husband does most of the household chores, he’s also really enjoyed the fact that I’ve got a new toy to play with that’s encouraged me to help him out with some of his chores too.

And, when it comes to the tiny house, there’s no power out there, so I’ve used this vacuum several times to clean up little messes out there as well. It worked a treat sucking up the debris out of the reclaimed door and windows we installed and sucked up all the dust and dirt off the floor and out of all the crevices when we were ready to take our final beauty shots of our progress on the build before April went back to Texas.

Manufacturer messaging:

·      Up to 15 minutes of continuous use from a single fully charged 18-Volt compact Lithium-ion 2.0AH battery

·      Use hand vac or with attachment for floor vac

·      Powerful suction for only 7 lbs

Awesome Features:

·      Easy cleanout when it’s full

·      Extremely navigate-able in hard-to-reach areas

·      It’s Makita- a shop tool I can play with in the house!

·      It has it’s own dedicated charger, but is still compatible with my other Makita batteries

Things I wish were better/different:

·      I’d like it to come with a 5.0AH hour battery, but understand that it would add to both the weight and the cost of the tool.

This tool retails at $99.00 Would I buy it?

Yup! I use mine so much I gave one to my dad for Father’s day and he loves it.

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Posted on July 27, 2018 and filed under Tool Reviews.