This summer, my best friend April Wilkerson made two trips out to Seattle to help me build a Tiny House for my mom. Building a tiny house has been on my bucket list since we bought the farm, so it was SUPER AWESOME to finally get to tackle this project. During the process of this build, April taught me SO much about construction, and I must say, after all the remodeling I’ve been doing on the farm, it is SO MUCH more fun building fresh than trying to fix an old building. Everything happens so fast! As the tiny house sits currently, we have about 3 full weeks of work into it. It’s primed, roofed, dried in, drywall is up, windows, door and subfloor are in, it’s wired for electricity, buttttt the project is currently stalled as I’m waiting on some Solar Panels and a special piece for the roof so I can install the tiny woodstove, dry out the interior, and finish mudding and painting the drywall. At 8x16, this is definitely a TINY house, but once it’s all outfitted, it will be a really cozy, totally liveable space. I can’t wait to bring you the next portions of the build, so stay tuned!

Posted on December 11, 2018 .