When you're stuck, frustrated, and don't know where to turn, it is great to have a community around you so you can ask questions. There is already a lot of fantastic information available on the internet, so please be sure you take the time to do a bit of google searching before you ask the experts and thus respect their valuable time and knowledge. That said, there are those times you just can't find the answer you need on your own, and that's why this list was compiled. 

Ted Hoeft of Lone Pine Toolworks: Tool restoration, saw sharpening, tote/handle replacement: ted@lonepinetoolworks.com

Erik Florip of Florip Toolworks: Saw making, saw sharpening, wheel marking gauges, general woodworking: erik.florip@gmail.com

Jason Thigpen of Texas Heritage Woodworks: leather work, tool protection, general woodworking: jason@txheritage.net

Brian Obst, Doctor and woodworker: dust collection and respiratory health in the shop. brian.obst@gmail.com


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