Our Urban Farm

Is set on our 4 acre plot in a suburb of Seattle. By farming, doing woodwork, and building community, I aim to live as sustainably and be as connected to every consumable product as I possibly can. We have a small orchard, a 40'x60' vegetable garden, grape vines, raspberry canes, kiwis, strawberries, hops, rhubarb, and more. I trade or barter whenever possible, and take great joy in sharing different duties and responsibilities with those in my community. I may grow peas, my friend may grow strawberries. My friend will spend an afternoon helping me in my yard and I'll carve him a spoon. We can trade and share and get twice the reward. In the winter months it is harder to grow the majority of our food, but that's fine because that leaves a lot more time to do woodwork, rest from the packed summer months and cuddle with all the animals here on our little farm.

Farm Blog

Stay tuned during the winter months for blog posts about our farm.



Meet the Animals