BIG things are happening...

For those of you who aren’t following me on Instagram or YouTube, and even for those that are, it’s high time I gave a little update. I’ve taken on some major projects both on the farm and the woodshop over the past couple of months.

The farm has gotten a major makeover, with a new roof on all the buildings, a new chicken coop, more work on the tiny house, and a huge excavation project putting French drains around the barn and in the livestock’s heavy use area. I’ve also been renovating another building on the property that will become a metal working shop for fabrication and blacksmithing. The barn interior also got a makeover in the form of new stalls for the animals, and they are SUPER happy with both the dry land in front of the barn (thank you french drains) and the clean, warm stalls inside the barn. All those projects have been EXTREMELY time, effort, and money consuming, and have really stretched me, but I’m thankful the work is done, and even more thankful for the friends that showed up to help with various projects and made them a whole lot more fun. I’ve learned these past few months that I can work physically harder, and fit way more into my days than I ever before thought possible.

As is always the case in the summer months, my furniture production schedule was basically non-existent, but I did manage to eek out a few things- some hand forged tools, a bookshelf, a Roubo style frame saw, and, in the after hours of a class at Greg Pennington’s shop in Tennessee, I was able to get the bones of a dining room chair together, which I finished up at home. Next on my workbench is finishing the modern rocker that I made in class that same week at Greg’s.

As some of you may know, my husband Adam was in a bicycle accident in August. He is healing up well, and with a bit more physical therapy, should be back to normal by Christmas. It’s great to have him feeling more himself again.

There is a WHOLE LOT of awesome stuff coming down the pipes over the next couple months: a woodshop tour now that the space is fully complete, a Christmas craft special, harvesting the rest of our 2018 honey, the completion of my fabrication shop and blacksmithing shops, completing my Modern Rocking Chair, the first in a series on my 1953 Chevy truck, and a whole lot more. Looking forward to sharing it all with you, stay tuned!!

If you haven’t already caught my last couple of videos, check them out below:

Posted on December 2, 2018 .